Synonyms for essential

Synonyms for (noun) essential

Synonyms: necessary, necessity, essential, requirement, requisite

Definition: anything indispensable

Usage: food and shelter are necessities of life; the essentials of the good life; allow farmers to buy their requirements under favorable conditions; a place where the requisites of water fuel and fodder can be obtained

Similar words: thing

Definition: a separate and self-contained entity

Synonyms for (adj) essential

Synonyms: essential

Definition: basic and fundamental

Usage: the essential feature

Similar words: basal, primary

Definition: of primary importance

Similar words: biogenic

Definition: essential for maintaining the fundamental life processes

Usage: sleep and food and water are among the biogenic needs of the organism

Similar words: organic, constituent, constitutional, constitutive

Definition: constitutional in the structure of something (especially your physical makeup)

Similar words: must

Definition: highly recommended

Usage: a book that is must reading

Similar words: no-frills

Definition: characterized by the absence of inessential features

Usage: he got a no-frills introduction to the job

Similar words: staple

Definition: necessary or important, especially regarding food or commodities

Usage: wheat is a staple crop

Similar words: substantial, substantive

Definition: having a firm basis in reality and being therefore important, meaningful, or considerable

Usage: substantial equivalents

Similar words: virtual

Definition: existing in essence or effect though not in actual fact

Usage: a virtual dependence on charity; a virtual revolution; virtual reality

Similar words: vital, life-sustaining

Definition: performing an essential function in the living body

Usage: vital organs; blood and other vital fluids; the loss of vital heat in shock; a vital spot; life-giving love and praise

Synonyms: of the essence, essential, crucial, all important, all-important

Definition: of the greatest importance

Usage: the all-important subject of disarmament; crucial information; in chess cool nerves are of the essence

Similar words: important, of import

Definition: of great significance or value

Usage: important people; the important questions of the day

Synonyms: indispensable, essential

Definition: absolutely necessary; vitally necessary

Usage: essential tools and materials; funds essential to the completion of the project; an indispensable worker

Similar words: necessary

Definition: absolutely essential

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