Synonyms for indispensable

Synonyms for (adj) indispensable

Synonyms: indispensable

Definition: unavoidable

Usage: the routine but indispensable ceremonies of state

Similar words: obligatory

Definition: morally or legally constraining or binding

Usage: attendance is obligatory; an obligatory contribution

Synonyms: indispensable

Definition: not to be dispensed with; essential

Usage: foods indispensable to good nutrition

Similar words: critical, vital

Definition: urgently needed; absolutely necessary

Usage: a critical element of the plan; critical medical supplies; vital for a healthy society; of vital interest

Synonyms: indispensable, essential

Definition: absolutely necessary; vitally necessary

Usage: essential tools and materials; funds essential to the completion of the project; an indispensable worker

Similar words: necessary

Definition: absolutely essential

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