Synonyms for fatty

Synonyms for (noun) fatty

Synonyms: fat person, fatso, fatty, roly-poly, butterball

Definition: a rotund individual

Similar words: large person

Definition: a person of greater than average size

Synonyms for (adj) fatty

Synonyms: fat, fatty

Definition: containing or composed of fat

Usage: fatty food; fat tissue

Similar words: adipose

Definition: composed of animal fat

Usage: adipose tissue constitutes the fat of meat

Similar words: buttery

Definition: resembling or containing or spread with butter

Usage: a rich buttery cake

Similar words: greasy, sebaceous, oily, oleaginous

Definition: containing an unusual amount of grease or oil

Usage: greasy hamburgers; oily fried potatoes; oleaginous seeds

Similar words: suety

Definition: like or full of suet

Usage: suety lamb chops

Similar words: superfatted

Definition: (of soap) containing extra unsaponified fat

Usage: superfatted toilet soaps

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