Synonyms for baritone

Synonyms for (noun) baritone

Synonyms: baritone, baritone horn

Definition: the second lowest brass wind instrument

Similar words: brass, brass instrument

Definition: a wind instrument that consists of a brass tube (usually of variable length) that is blown by means of a cup-shaped or funnel-shaped mouthpiece

Synonyms: baritone, baritone voice

Definition: the second lowest adult male singing voice

Similar words: singing voice

Definition: the musical quality of the voice while singing

Synonyms: baritone, barytone

Definition: a male singer

Similar words: singer, vocaliser, vocalist, vocalizer

Definition: a person who sings

Synonyms for (adj) baritone

Synonyms: baritone

Definition: lower in range than tenor and higher than bass

Usage: a baritone voice; baritone oboe

Similar words: low, low-pitched

Definition: used of sounds and voices; low in pitch or frequency

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