Synonyms for (adjective) acknowledged

Synonyms: acknowledged

Definition: recognized or made known or admitted

Usage: the acknowledged leader of the community; a woman of acknowledged accomplishments; his acknowledged error

Similar words: accepted, recognised, recognized

Definition: generally approved or compelling recognition

Usage: several accepted techniques for treating the condition; his recognized superiority in this kind of work

Similar words: self-confessed

Definition: owned up to

Usage: his admitted doubts; the conceded error; a confessed murderer; a self-confessed plagiarist

Similar words: assumptive

Definition: accepted as real or true without proof

Usage: the assumed reason for his absence; assumptive beliefs

Similar words: declarable

Definition: that must be declared

Usage: declarable income

Similar words: given, granted

Definition: acknowledged as a supposition

Usage: given the engine's condition, it is a wonder that it started

Similar words: putative

Definition: purported; commonly put forth or accepted as true on inconclusive grounds

Usage: the foundling's putative father; the putative author of the book

Synonyms: acknowledged

Definition: generally accepted

Similar words: unquestionable

Definition: incapable of being questioned

Usage: unquestionable authority