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Synonyms for unjust

Synonyms for (adjective) unjust

Synonyms: unfair, unjust Definition: not fair; marked by injustice or partiality or deception Usage: used unfair methods; it was an unfair trial; took an unfair advantage

Similar words: below the belt Definition: disregarding the rules (from the notion of an illegal low blow in boxing) Usage: her accusations were below the belt

Similar words: unsporting, unsportsmanlike, dirty, foul, cheating Definition: violating accepted standards or rules Usage: a dirty fighter; used foul means to gain power; a nasty unsporting serve; fined for unsportsmanlike behavior

Similar words: raw Definition: brutally unfair or harsh Usage: received raw treatment from his friends; a raw deal

Synonyms: unjust Definition: violating principles of justice Usage: unjust punishment; an unjust judge; an unjust accusation

Similar words: actionable Definition: affording grounds for legal action Usage: slander is an actionable offense

Similar words: wrongful Definition: not just or fair Usage: a wrongful act; a wrongful charge