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Synonyms for project

Synonyms for (noun) project

Synonyms: undertaking, task, labor, project Definition: any piece of work that is undertaken or attempted Usage: he prepared for great undertakings

Similar words: work Definition: activity directed toward making or doing something Usage: she checked several points needing further work

Synonyms: project, projection Definition: a planned undertaking

Similar words: program, programme, plan Definition: a series of steps to be carried out or goals to be accomplished Usage: they drew up a six-step plan; they discussed plans for a new bond issue

Synonyms for (verb) project

Synonyms: project, propose Definition: present for consideration, examination, criticism, etc. Usage: He proposed a new plan for dealing with terrorism; She proposed a new theory of relativity

Similar words: plan Definition: make plans for something Usage: He is planning a trip with his family

Synonyms: externalise, externalize, project Definition: regard as objective

Similar words: impute, ascribe, assign, attribute Definition: attribute or credit to Usage: We attributed this quotation to Shakespeare; People impute great cleverness to cats

Synonyms: project Definition: communicate vividly Usage: He projected his feelings

Similar words: communicate, intercommunicate Definition: transmit thoughts or feelings Usage: He communicated his anxieties to the psychiatrist

Synonyms: project Definition: transfer (ideas or principles) from one domain into another

Similar words: channel, channelise, channelize, transfer, transmit, transport Definition: send from one person or place to another Usage: transmit a message

Synonyms: send off, project Definition: throw, send, or cast forward Usage: project a missile

Similar words: impel, propel Definition: cause to move forward with force Usage: Steam propels this ship

Synonyms: cast, contrive, throw, project Definition: put or send forth Usage: She threw the flashlight beam into the corner; The setting sun threw long shadows; cast a spell; cast a warm light

Similar words: send, direct Definition: cause to go somewhere Usage: The explosion sent the car flying in the air; She sent her children to camp; He directed all his energies into his dissertation

Synonyms: figure, envision, fancy, project, picture, see, image, visualise, visualize Definition: imagine; conceive of; see in one's mind Usage: I can't see him on horseback!; I can see what will happen; I can see a risk in this strategy

Similar words: envisage, conceive of, ideate, imagine Definition: form a mental image of something that is not present or that is not the case Usage: Can you conceive of him as the president?

Synonyms: contrive, design, project, plan Definition: make or work out a plan for; devise Usage: They contrived to murder their boss; design a new sales strategy; plan an attack

Similar words: create by mental act, create mentally Definition: create mentally and abstractly rather than with one's hands

Synonyms: project Definition: draw a projection of

Similar words: draw Definition: represent by making a drawing of, as with a pencil, chalk, etc. on a surface Usage: She drew an elephant; Draw me a horse

Synonyms: project Definition: project on a screen Usage: The images are projected onto the screen

Similar words: show Definition: make visible or noticeable Usage: She showed her talent for cooking; Show me your etchings, please

Synonyms: project Definition: cause to be heard Usage: His voice projects well

Similar words: cause to be perceived Definition: have perceptible qualities