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Synonyms for possibility

Synonyms for (noun) possibility

Synonyms: possibility, possible action, opening Definition: a possible alternative Usage: bankruptcy is always a possibility

Similar words: option, alternative, choice Definition: one of a number of things from which only one can be chosen Usage: what option did I have?; there no other alternative; my only choice is to refuse

Synonyms: theory, possibility, hypothesis Definition: a tentative insight into the natural world; a concept that is not yet verified but that if true would explain certain facts or phenomena Usage: a scientific hypothesis that survives experimental testing becomes a scientific theory; he proposed a fresh theory of alkalis that later was accepted in chemical practices

Similar words: concept, conception, construct Definition: an abstract or general idea inferred or derived from specific instances

Synonyms: possibility Definition: a future prospect or potential Usage: this room has great possibilities

Similar words: prospect, expectation, outlook Definition: belief about (or mental picture of) the future

Synonyms: possibility, possibleness Definition: capability of existing or happening or being true Usage: there is a possibility that his sense of smell has been impaired

Similar words: existence, being, beingness Definition: the state or fact of existing Usage: a point of view gradually coming into being; laws in existence for centuries