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Synonyms for many-sided

Synonyms for (adjective) many-sided

Synonyms: multilateral, many-sided Definition: having many parts or sides

Similar words: two-sided, bilateral Definition: having two sides or parts

Similar words: deep-lobed Definition: having deep bilateral lobes

Similar words: two-lobed Definition: having two lobes

Similar words: two-part, two-way, bipartite Definition: involving two parts or elements Usage: a bipartite document; a two-way treaty

Similar words: joint Definition: involving both houses of a legislature Usage: a joint session of Congress

Similar words: multipartite Definition: involving more than two parties

Similar words: four-sided, quadrilateral Definition: having four sides

Similar words: five-sided Definition: having five sides

Similar words: six-sided Definition: having six sides

Similar words: seven-sided Definition: having seven sides

Similar words: eight-sided Definition: having eight sides

Similar words: nine-sided Definition: having nine sides

Similar words: ten-sided Definition: having ten sides

Similar words: eleven-sided Definition: having eleven sides

Similar words: twelve-sided Definition: having twelve sides

Similar words: four-party, quadripartite Definition: involving four parties

Similar words: tetramerous Definition: having or consisting of four similar parts; tetramerous flowers

Similar words: three-cornered Definition: involving a group or set of three Usage: a three-cornered race

Similar words: three-lobed Definition: having three lobes

Similar words: four-lobed Definition: having four lobes

Similar words: five-lobed Definition: having five lobes

Similar words: many-lobed Definition: having many lobes

Similar words: palmately-lobed Definition: having lobes radiating from a central point

Similar words: three-sided, triangular, trilateral Definition: having three sides Usage: a trilateral figure

Similar words: tripartite, three-party, three-way Definition: involving three parties or elements Usage: a tripartite treaty; a tripartite division; a three-way playoff

Synonyms: many-sided Definition: full of variety or interest Usage: a many-sided personality

Similar words: colorful, colourful Definition: striking in variety and interest Usage: a colorful period of history; a colorful character; colorful language

Synonyms: many-sided, multifaceted, multifarious, miscellaneous Definition: having many aspects Usage: a many-sided subject; a multifaceted undertaking; multifarious interests; the multifarious noise of a great city; a miscellaneous crowd

Similar words: varied Definition: characterized by variety Usage: immigrants' varied ethnic and religious traditions; his work is interesting and varied