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Synonyms for inferior

Synonyms for (noun) inferior

Synonyms: subscript, inferior Definition: a character or symbol set or printed or written beneath or slightly below and to the side of another character

Similar words: grapheme, graphic symbol, character Definition: a written symbol that is used to represent speech Usage: the Greek alphabet has 24 characters

Synonyms: inferior Definition: one of lesser rank or station or quality

Similar words: follower Definition: a person who accepts the leadership of another

Synonyms for (adjective) inferior

Synonyms: substandard, deficient, inferior Definition: falling short of some prescribed norm Usage: substandard housing

Similar words: nonstandard Definition: varying from or not adhering to a standard Usage: nonstandard windows; envelopes of nonstandard sizes; nonstandard lengths of board

Synonyms: inferior Definition: of or characteristic of low rank or importance

Similar words: humble, small, low, lowly, modest Definition: low or inferior in station or quality Usage: a humble cottage; a lowly parish priest; a modest man of the people; small beginnings

Similar words: indifferent Definition: fairly poor to not very good Usage: has an indifferent singing voice; has indifferent qualifications for the job

Similar words: low-level Definition: at a low level in rank or importance Usage: a low-level job; low-level discussions

Similar words: middle-level Definition: intermediate in rank or position Usage: middle-level management

Similar words: outclassed Definition: decisively surpassed by something else so as to appear to be of a lower class

Synonyms: inferior Definition: of low or inferior quality

Similar words: bad Definition: below average in quality or performance Usage: a bad chess player; a bad recital

Similar words: base Definition: (used of metals) consisting of or alloyed with inferior metal Usage: base coins of aluminum; a base metal

Similar words: sleazy, cheap, cheesy, chintzy, bum, tinny, punk, crummy Definition: of very poor quality; flimsy

Similar words: bush, bush-league Definition: not of the highest quality or sophistication

Similar words: cheapjack, shoddy, tawdry Definition: cheap and shoddy Usage: cheapjack moviemaking...that feeds on the low taste of the mob- Judith Crist

Similar words: coarse, common Definition: of low or inferior quality or value Usage: of what coarse metal ye are molded- Shakespeare; produced...the common cloths used by the poorer population

Similar words: coarsened Definition: made coarse or crude by lack of skill

Similar words: commercial, commercial-grade Definition: of the kind or quality used in commerce; average or inferior Usage: commercial grade of beef; commercial oxalic acid

Similar words: deplorable, execrable, woeful, wretched, miserable Definition: of very poor quality or condition Usage: deplorable housing conditions in the inner city; woeful treatment of the accused; woeful errors of judgment

Similar words: less Definition: (usually preceded by `no') lower in quality Usage: no less than perfect

Similar words: low-grade Definition: of inferior quality

Similar words: mediocre, second-rate Definition: moderate to inferior in quality Usage: they improved the quality from mediocre to above average

Similar words: ropey, ropy Definition: (British informal) very poor in quality Usage: ropey food; a ropey performance

Similar words: scrubby, scrawny, stunted Definition: inferior in size or quality Usage: scrawny cattle; scrubby cut-over pine; old stunted thorn trees

Similar words: second-class Definition: of inferior status or quality Usage: a second-class citizen; second-class accommodations

Similar words: third-rate Definition: of lesser quality than second-rate

Similar words: utility, utility-grade Definition: used of beef; usable but inferior

Synonyms: inferior Definition: lower than a given reference point Usage: inferior alveolar artery

Similar words: bottom Definition: situated at the bottom or lowest position Usage: the bottom drawer