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Synonyms for direction

Synonyms for (noun) direction

Synonyms: steering, guidance, direction Definition: the act of setting and holding a course Usage: a new council was installed under the direction of the king

Similar words: control Definition: the activity of managing or exerting control over something Usage: the control of the mob by the police was admirable

Synonyms: direction, management Definition: the act of managing something Usage: he was given overall management of the program; is the direction of the economy a function of government?

Similar words: social control Definition: control exerted (actively or passively) by group action

Synonyms: focal point, focus, focusing, focussing, direction, centering Definition: the concentration of attention or energy on something Usage: the focus of activity shifted to molecular biology; he had no direction in his life

Similar words: absorption, concentration, engrossment, immersion Definition: complete attention; intense mental effort

Synonyms: direction Definition: a general course along which something has a tendency to develop Usage: I couldn't follow the direction of his thoughts; his ideals determined the direction of his career; they proposed a new direction for the firm

Similar words: inclination, disposition, tendency Definition: an attitude of mind especially one that favors one alternative over others Usage: he had an inclination to give up too easily; a tendency to be too strict

Synonyms: counsel, counseling, counselling, direction, guidance Definition: something that provides direction or advice as to a decision or course of action

Similar words: subject matter, substance, message, content Definition: what a communication that is about something is about

Synonyms: direction, instruction Definition: a message describing how something is to be done Usage: he gave directions faster than she could follow them

Similar words: subject matter, substance, message, content Definition: what a communication that is about something is about

Synonyms: charge, commission, direction Definition: a formal statement of a command or injunction to do something Usage: the judge's charge to the jury

Similar words: command, bid, bidding, dictation Definition: an authoritative direction or instruction to do something

Synonyms: direction, way Definition: a line leading to a place or point Usage: he looked the other direction; didn't know the way home

Similar words: itinerary, path, route Definition: an established line of travel or access

Synonyms: direction Definition: the spatial relation between something and the course along which it points or moves Usage: he checked the direction and velocity of the wind

Similar words: position, spatial relation Definition: the spatial property of a place where or way in which something is situated Usage: the position of the hands on the clock; he specified the spatial relations of every piece of furniture on the stage