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Synonyms for assert

Synonyms for (verb) assert

Synonyms: assert, insist Definition: assert to be true Usage: The letter asserts a free society

Similar words: posit, postulate Definition: take as a given; assume as a postulate or axiom Usage: He posited three basic laws of nature

Synonyms: swan, swear, verify, affirm, assert, aver, avow Definition: to declare or affirm solemnly and formally as true Usage: Before God I swear I am innocent

Similar words: declare Definition: state emphatically and authoritatively Usage: He declared that he needed more money to carry out the task he was charged with

Synonyms: assert, asseverate, maintain Definition: state categorically

Similar words: take a firm stand, insist Definition: be emphatic or resolute and refuse to budge Usage: I must insist!

Synonyms: put forward, assert Definition: insist on having one's opinions and rights recognized Usage: Women should assert themselves more!

Similar words: acquit, bear, behave, conduct, deport, carry, comport Definition: behave in a certain manner Usage: She carried herself well; he bore himself with dignity; They conducted themselves well during these difficult times