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Synonyms for apply

Synonyms for (verb) apply

Synonyms: apply Definition: ask (for something) Usage: He applied for a leave of absence; She applied for college; apply for a job

Similar words: bespeak, call for, request, quest Definition: express the need or desire for; ask for Usage: She requested an extra bed in her room; She called for room service

Synonyms: apply Definition: refer (a word or name) to a person or thing Usage: He applied this racial slur to me!

Similar words: denote, refer Definition: have as a meaning Usage: `multi-' denotes `many'

Synonyms: apply, put on Definition: apply to a surface Usage: She applied paint to the back of the house; Put on make-up!

Similar words: cover Definition: provide with a covering or cause to be covered Usage: cover her face with a handkerchief; cover the child with a blanket; cover the grave with flowers

Synonyms: apply, give Definition: give or convey physically Usage: She gave him First Aid; I gave him a punch in the nose

Similar words: distribute, dole out, deal, deal out, dish out, dispense, allot, administer, parcel out, shell out, mete out, lot Definition: administer or bestow, as in small portions Usage: administer critical remarks to everyone present; dole out some money; shell out pocket money for the children; deal a blow to someone; the machine dispenses soft drinks

Synonyms: implement, enforce, apply Definition: ensure observance of laws and rules Usage: Apply the rules to everyone;

Similar words: obligate, oblige, compel Definition: force somebody to do something Usage: We compel all students to fill out this form

Synonyms: apply Definition: apply oneself to Usage: Please apply yourself to your homework

Similar words: give, dedicate, consecrate, devote, commit Definition: give entirely to a specific person, activity, or cause Usage: She committed herself to the work of God; give one's talents to a good cause; consecrate your life to the church

Synonyms: apply, go for, hold Definition: be pertinent or relevant or applicable Usage: The same laws apply to you!; This theory holds for all irrational numbers; The same rules go for everyone

Similar words: concern, bear on, come to, refer, relate, touch, touch on, have-to doe with, pertain Definition: be relevant to Usage: There were lots of questions referring to her talk; My remark pertained to your earlier comments