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Definitions for subdue

Definitions for (verb) subdue

Main entry: chasten, tame, subdue Definition: correct by punishment or discipline

Main entry: inhibit, curb, conquer, stamp down, subdue, suppress Definition: to put down by force or authority Usage: suppress a nascent uprising; stamp down on littering; conquer one's desires

Main entry: subdue, subordinate Definition: make subordinate, dependent, or subservient Usage: Our wishes have to be subordinated to that of our ruler

Main entry: get over, master, overcome, subdue, surmount Definition: get on top of; deal with successfully Usage: He overcame his shyness

Main entry: crucify, subdue, mortify Definition: hold within limits and control Usage: subdue one's appetites; mortify the flesh

Main entry: subdue, subjugate, quash, reduce, repress, keep down Definition: put down by force or intimidation Usage: The government quashes any attempt of an uprising; China keeps down her dissidents very efficiently; The rich landowners subjugated the peasants working the land