Synonyms for warning

Synonyms for (noun) warning

Synonyms: admonition, monition, word of advice, warning

Definition: cautionary advice about something imminent (especially imminent danger or other unpleasantness)

Usage: a letter of admonition about the dangers of immorality; the warning was to beware of surprises; his final word of advice was not to play with matches

Similar words: advice

Definition: a proposal for an appropriate course of action

Synonyms: warning

Definition: notification of something, usually in advance

Usage: they gave little warning of their arrival; she had only had four days' warning before leaving Berlin

Similar words: notification, telling, apprisal

Definition: informing by words

Synonyms: warning

Definition: a message informing of danger

Usage: a warning that still more bombs could explode

Similar words: making known, informing

Definition: a speech act that conveys information

Synonyms for (adj) warning

Synonyms: warning, exemplary, cautionary, monitory, admonitory

Definition: serving to warn

Usage: shook a monitory finger at him; an exemplary jail sentence

Similar words: dissuasive

Definition: deterring from action

Usage: dissuasive advice; made a slight dissuasive gesture with her hand

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