Synonyms for unqualified

Synonyms for (adj) unqualified

Synonyms: unqualified, unentitled

Definition: having no right or entitlement

Usage: a distinction to which he was unentitled

Similar words: ineligible

Definition: not eligible

Usage: ineligible to vote; ineligible for retirement benefits

Synonyms: unqualified

Definition: not meeting the proper standards and requirements and training

Similar words: quack

Definition: medically unqualified

Usage: a quack doctor

Synonyms: unqualified

Definition: not limited or restricted

Usage: an unqualified denial

Similar words: categoric, categorical, flat, unconditional

Definition: not modified or restricted by reservations

Usage: a categorical denial; a flat refusal

Similar words: clean, clear

Definition: free of restrictions or qualifications

Usage: a clean bill of health; a clear winner

Similar words: cool

Definition: (used of a number or sum) without exaggeration or qualification

Usage: a cool million bucks

Similar words: unlimited, straight-out, outright

Definition: without reservation or exception

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