Synonyms for unlucky

Synonyms for (adj) unlucky

Synonyms: doomed, ill-fated, ill-omened, ill-starred, unlucky

Definition: marked by or promising bad fortune

Usage: their business venture was doomed from the start; an ill-fated business venture; an ill-starred romance; the unlucky prisoner was again put in irons- W.H.Prescott

Similar words: unfortunate

Definition: not favored by fortune; marked or accompanied by or resulting in ill fortune

Usage: an unfortunate turn of events; an unfortunate decision; unfortunate investments; an unfortunate night for all concerned

Synonyms: luckless, unlucky

Definition: having or bringing misfortune

Usage: Friday the 13th is an unlucky date

Similar words: jinxed, hexed

Definition: (usually used colloquially) causing or accompanied by misfortune

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