Synonyms for thrifty

Synonyms for (adj) thrifty

Synonyms: thrifty, careful

Definition: mindful of the future in spending money

Usage: careful with money

Similar words: provident

Definition: providing carefully for the future

Usage: wild squirrels are provident; a provident father plans for his children's education

Synonyms: thrifty

Definition: careful and diligent in the use of resources

Similar words: stinting, frugal, economical, sparing, scotch

Definition: avoiding waste

Usage: an economical meal; an economical shopper; a frugal farmer; a frugal lunch; a sparing father and a spending son; sparing in their use of heat and light; stinting in bestowing gifts; thrifty because they remember the great Depression; `scotch' is used only informally

Similar words: penny-wise

Definition: thrifty in small matters only

Similar words: saving

Definition: characterized by thriftiness

Usage: wealthy by inheritance but saving by constitution- Ellen Glasgow

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