Synonyms for target

Synonyms for (noun) target

Synonyms: target, butt

Definition: sports equipment consisting of an object set up for a marksman or archer to aim at

Similar words: sports equipment

Definition: equipment needed to participate in a particular sport

Synonyms: aim, object, objective, target

Definition: the goal intended to be attained (and which is believed to be attainable)

Usage: the sole object of her trip was to see her children

Similar words: goal, end

Definition: the state of affairs that a plan is intended to achieve and that (when achieved) terminates behavior intended to achieve it

Usage: the ends justify the means

Synonyms: mark, target

Definition: a reference point to shoot at

Usage: his arrow hit the mark

Similar words: point of reference, reference, reference point

Definition: an indicator that orients you generally

Usage: it is used as a reference for comparing the heating and the electrical energy involved

Synonyms: target, target area

Definition: the location of the target that is to be hit

Similar words: topographic point, spot, place

Definition: a point located with respect to surface features of some region

Usage: this is a nice place for a picnic; a bright spot on a planet

Synonyms: prey, quarry, target, fair game

Definition: a person who is the aim of an attack (especially a victim of ridicule or exploitation) by some hostile person or influence

Usage: he fell prey to muggers; everyone was fair game; the target of a manhunt

Similar words: victim

Definition: an unfortunate person who suffers from some adverse circumstance

Synonyms for (verb) target

Synonyms: target, direct, aim, point, place

Definition: intend (something) to move towards a certain goal

Usage: He aimed his fists towards his opponent's face; criticism directed at her superior; direct your anger towards others, not towards yourself

Similar words: aim, direct, take, take aim, train

Definition: point or cause to go (blows, weapons, or objects such as photographic equipment) towards

Usage: Please don't aim at your little brother!; He trained his gun on the burglar; Don't train your camera on the women; Take a swipe at one's opponent

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