Synonyms for tan

Synonyms for (noun) tan

Synonyms: tan, topaz

Definition: a light brown the color of topaz

Similar words: light brown

Definition: a brown that is light but unsaturated

Synonyms: tan, tangent

Definition: ratio of the opposite to the adjacent side of a right-angled triangle

Similar words: circular function, trigonometric function

Definition: function of an angle expressed as a ratio of the length of the sides of right-angled triangle containing the angle

Synonyms: sunburn, suntan, tan, burn

Definition: a browning of the skin resulting from exposure to the rays of the sun

Similar words: hyperpigmentation

Definition: unusual darkening of the skin

Synonyms for (verb) tan

Synonyms: bronze, tan

Definition: get a tan, from wind or sun

Similar words: color, colour, discolor, discolour

Definition: change color, often in an undesired manner

Usage: The shirts discolored

Synonyms: tan

Definition: treat skins and hides with tannic acid so as to convert them into leather

Similar words: convert

Definition: change the nature, purpose, or function of something

Usage: convert lead into gold; convert hotels into jails; convert slaves to laborers

Synonyms for (adj) tan

Synonyms: tan

Definition: of a light yellowish-brown color

Similar words: chromatic

Definition: being or having or characterized by hue

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