Synonyms for (adjective) synchronous

Synonyms: synchronal, synchronic, synchronous

Definition: occurring or existing at the same time or having the same period or phase

Usage: recovery was synchronous with therapy- Jour.A.M.A.; a synchronous set of clocks; the synchronous action of a bird's wings in flight; synchronous oscillations

Similar words: coetaneous, coeval, contemporaneous

Definition: of the same period

Similar words: coexistent, coexisting

Definition: existing at the same time

Similar words: coincident, coincidental, coinciding, co-occurrent, simultaneous, concurrent, cooccurring

Definition: occurring or operating at the same time

Usage: a series of coincident events

Similar words: contemporaneous, contemporary

Definition: occurring in the same period of time

Usage: a rise in interest rates is often contemporaneous with an increase in inflation; the composer Salieri was contemporary with Mozart

Similar words: parallel

Definition: of or relating to the simultaneous performance of multiple operations

Usage: parallel processing

Similar words: synchronic

Definition: (of taxa) occurring in the same period of geological time

Similar words: synchronised, synchronized

Definition: operating in unison

Usage: the synchronized flapping of a bird's wings