Synonyms for squirt

Synonyms for (noun) squirt

Synonyms: spirt, spurt, squirt, jet

Definition: the occurrence of a sudden discharge (as of liquid)

Similar words: discharge, outpouring, run

Definition: the pouring forth of a fluid

Synonyms: pip-squeak, squirt, small fry

Definition: someone who is small and insignificant

Similar words: cipher, nobody, nonentity, cypher

Definition: a person of no influence

Synonyms for (verb) squirt

Synonyms: squirt

Definition: wet with a spurt of liquid

Usage: spurt the wall with water

Similar words: wet

Definition: cause to become wet

Usage: Wet your face

Synonyms: eject, force out, squeeze out, squirt

Definition: cause to come out in a squirt

Usage: the boy squirted water at his little sister

Similar words: discharge

Definition: pour forth or release

Usage: discharge liquids

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