Synonyms for spool

Synonyms for (noun) spool

Synonyms: bobbin, reel, spool

Definition: a winder around which thread or tape or film or other flexible materials can be wound

Similar words: winder

Definition: mechanical device around which something can be wound

Synonyms for (verb) spool

Synonyms: spool

Definition: wind onto a spool or a reel

Similar words: wind, wrap, twine, roll

Definition: arrange or or coil around

Usage: roll your hair around your finger; Twine the thread around the spool; She wrapped her arms around the child

Synonyms: spool

Definition: transfer data intended for a peripheral device (usually a printer) into temporary storage

Similar words: transfer

Definition: move from one place to another

Usage: transfer the data; transmit the news; transfer the patient to another hospital

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