Synonyms for speaking

Synonyms for (noun) speaking

Synonyms: speaking, speech production

Definition: the utterance of intelligible speech

Similar words: utterance, vocalization

Definition: the use of uttered sounds for auditory communication

Synonyms: oral presentation, public speaking, speaking, speechmaking

Definition: delivering an address to a public audience

Usage: people came to see the candidates and hear the speechmaking

Similar words: speech, address

Definition: the act of delivering a formal spoken communication to an audience

Usage: he listened to an address on minor Roman poets

Synonyms for (adj) speaking

Synonyms: speaking

Definition: capable of or involving speech or speaking

Usage: human beings--the speaking animals; a speaking part in the play

Similar words: tongued

Definition: having a manner of speaking as specified; often used in combination

Usage: golden-tongued; sharp-tongued

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