Synonyms for rice

Synonyms for (noun) rice

Synonyms: rice

Definition: grains used as food either unpolished or more often polished

Similar words: starches

Definition: foodstuff rich in natural starch (especially potatoes, rice, bread)

Similar words: grain, food grain, cereal

Definition: foodstuff prepared from the starchy grains of cereal grasses

Synonyms: Rice, Elmer Leopold Rice, Elmer Reizenstein, Elmer Rice

Definition: United States playwright (1892-1967)

Similar words: dramatist, playwright

Definition: someone who writes plays

Synonyms: Sir Tim Rice, Timothy Miles Bindon Rice, Rice

Definition: English lyricist who frequently worked with Andrew Lloyd Webber (born in 1944)

Similar words: lyricist, lyrist

Definition: a person who writes the words for songs

Synonyms: rice

Definition: annual or perennial rhizomatous marsh grasses; seed used for food; straw used for paper

Similar words: cereal, cereal grass

Definition: grass whose starchy grains are used as food: wheat; rice; rye; oats; maize; buckwheat; millet

Synonyms for (verb) rice

Synonyms: rice

Definition: sieve so that it becomes the consistency of rice

Usage: rice the potatoes

Similar words: sieve, sift, strain

Definition: separate by passing through a sieve or other straining device to separate out coarser elements

Usage: sift the flour

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