Synonyms for reward

Synonyms for (noun) reward

Synonyms: reward, reinforcement

Definition: an act performed to strengthen approved behavior

Similar words: approval, approving, blessing

Definition: the formal act of approving

Usage: he gave the project his blessing; his decision merited the approval of any sensible person

Synonyms: advantage, reward

Definition: benefit resulting from some event or action

Usage: it turned out to my advantage; reaping the rewards of generosity

Similar words: benefit, welfare

Definition: something that aids or promotes well-being

Usage: for the benefit of all

Synonyms: reward

Definition: the offer of money for helping to find a criminal or for returning lost property

Similar words: offer, offering

Definition: something offered (as a proposal or bid)

Usage: noteworthy new offerings for investors included several index funds

Synonyms: payoff, reward, wages

Definition: a recompense for worthy acts or retribution for wrongdoing

Usage: the wages of sin is death; virtue is its own reward

Similar words: consequence, aftermath

Definition: the outcome of an event especially as relative to an individual

Synonyms: reward

Definition: payment made in return for a service rendered

Similar words: payment

Definition: a sum of money paid or a claim discharged

Synonyms for (verb) reward

Synonyms: reward, reinforce

Definition: strengthen and support with rewards

Usage: Let's reinforce good behavior

Similar words: teach, learn, instruct

Definition: impart skills or knowledge to

Usage: I taught them French; He instructed me in building a boat

Synonyms: pay back, repay, reward

Definition: act or give recompense in recognition of someone's behavior or actions

Similar words: move, act

Definition: perform an action, or work out or perform (an action)

Usage: think before you act; We must move quickly; The governor should act on the new energy bill; The nanny acted quickly by grabbing the toddler and covering him with a wet towel

Synonyms: reward, honor, honour

Definition: bestow honor or rewards upon

Usage: Today we honor our soldiers; The scout was rewarded for courageous action

Similar words: recognise, recognize

Definition: show approval or appreciation of

Usage: My work is not recognized by anybody!; The best student was recognized by the Dean

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