Synonyms for reverse

Synonyms for (noun) reverse

Synonyms: turnabout, turnaround, reversal, reverse, reversion

Definition: turning in the opposite direction

Similar words: reorientation, change of direction

Definition: the act of changing the direction in which something is oriented

Synonyms: reverse

Definition: (American football) a running play in which a back running in one direction hands the ball to a back running in the opposite direction

Similar words: run, running, running game, running play

Definition: (American football) a play in which a player attempts to carry the ball through or past the opposing team

Usage: the defensive line braced to stop the run; the coach put great emphasis on running

Synonyms: reverse, reverse gear

Definition: the gears by which the motion of a machine can be reversed

Similar words: gear, gear mechanism

Definition: a mechanism for transmitting motion for some specific purpose (as the steering gear of a vehicle)

Synonyms: reverse, verso

Definition: the side of a coin or medal that does not bear the principal design

Similar words: side

Definition: an extended outer surface of an object

Usage: he turned the box over to examine the bottom side; they painted all four sides of the house

Synonyms: blow, setback, black eye, reversal, reverse

Definition: an unfortunate happening that hinders or impedes; something that is thwarting or frustrating

Similar words: natural event, occurrence, occurrent, happening

Definition: an event that happens

Synonyms: contrary, reverse, opposite

Definition: a relation of direct opposition

Usage: we thought Sue was older than Bill but just the reverse was true

Similar words: oppositeness, opposition

Definition: the relation between opposed entities

Synonyms for (verb) reverse

Synonyms: turn, change by reversal, reverse

Definition: change to the contrary

Usage: The trend was reversed; the tides turned against him; public opinion turned when it was revealed that the president had an affair with a White House intern

Similar words: change

Definition: undergo a change; become different in essence; losing one's or its original nature

Usage: She changed completely as she grew older; The weather changed last night

Synonyms: invert, turn back, reverse

Definition: turn inside out or upside down

Similar words: alter, change, modify

Definition: cause to change; make different; cause a transformation

Usage: The advent of the automobile may have altered the growth pattern of the city; The discussion has changed my thinking about the issue

Synonyms: reverse, invert

Definition: reverse the position, order, relation, or condition of

Usage: when forming a question, invert the subject and the verb

Similar words: reorder

Definition: assign a new order to

Synonyms: overthrow, overturn, override, overrule, reverse

Definition: rule against

Usage: The Republicans were overruled when the House voted on the bill

Similar words: decree, rule

Definition: decide with authority

Usage: The King decreed that all firstborn males should be killed

Synonyms: vacate, countermand, overturn, lift, annul, repeal, rescind, reverse, revoke

Definition: cancel officially

Usage: He revoked the ban on smoking; lift an embargo; vacate a death sentence

Similar words: strike down, cancel

Definition: declare null and void; make ineffective

Usage: Cancel the election results; strike down a law

Synonyms for (adj) reverse

Synonyms: inverse, reverse

Definition: reversed (turned backward) in order or nature or effect

Similar words: backward

Definition: directed or facing toward the back or rear

Usage: a backward view

Synonyms: reverse, rearward

Definition: directed or moving toward the rear

Usage: a rearward glance; a rearward movement

Similar words: backward

Definition: directed or facing toward the back or rear

Usage: a backward view

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