Synonyms for range

Synonyms for (noun) range

Synonyms: range

Definition: a place for shooting (firing or driving) projectiles of various kinds

Usage: the army maintains a missile range in the desert; any good golf club will have a range where you can practice

Similar words: facility, installation

Definition: a building or place that provides a particular service or is used for a particular industry

Usage: the assembly plant is an enormous facility

Synonyms: stove, cooking stove, kitchen range, kitchen stove, range

Definition: a kitchen appliance used for cooking food

Usage: dinner was already on the stove

Similar words: kitchen appliance

Definition: a home appliance used in preparing food

Synonyms: compass, scope, orbit, range, reach, ambit

Definition: an area in which something acts or operates or has power or control: "the range of a supersonic jet"

Usage: a piano has a greater range than the human voice; the ambit of municipal legislation; within the compass of this article; within the scope of an investigation; outside the reach of the law; in the political orbit of a world power

Similar words: extent

Definition: the distance or area or volume over which something extends

Usage: the vast extent of the desert; an orchard of considerable extent

Synonyms: range, reach, compass, grasp

Definition: the limit of capability

Usage: within the compass of education

Similar words: capability, capableness, potentiality

Definition: an aptitude that may be developed

Synonyms: image, range, range of a function

Definition: (mathematics) the set of values of the dependent variable for which a function is defined

Usage: the image of f(x) = x^2 is the set of all non-negative real numbers if the domain of the function is the set of all real numbers

Similar words: set

Definition: (mathematics) an abstract collection of numbers or symbols

Usage: the set of prime numbers is infinite

Synonyms: range

Definition: a variety of different things or activities

Usage: he answered a range of questions; he was impressed by the range and diversity of the collection

Similar words: smorgasbord, salmagundi, assortment, potpourri, variety, miscellanea, miscellany, mixed bag, mixture, motley

Definition: a collection containing a variety of sorts of things

Usage: a great assortment of cars was on display; he had a variety of disorders; a veritable smorgasbord of religions

Synonyms: range, reach

Definition: the limits within which something can be effective

Usage: range of motion; he was beyond the reach of their fire

Similar words: limit

Definition: as far as something can go

Synonyms: range

Definition: a large tract of grassy open land on which livestock can graze

Usage: they used to drive the cattle across the open range every spring; he dreamed of a home on the range

Similar words: piece of ground, piece of land, tract, parcel, parcel of land

Definition: an extended area of land

Synonyms: range, range of mountains, mountain chain, mountain range, chain, chain of mountains

Definition: a series of hills or mountains

Usage: the valley was between two ranges of hills; the plains lay just beyond the mountain range

Similar words: geological formation, formation

Definition: (geology) the geological features of the earth

Synonyms for (verb) range

Synonyms: place, range, rank, rate, grade, order

Definition: assign a rank or rating to

Usage: how would you rank these students?; The restaurant is rated highly in the food guide

Similar words: evaluate, judge, pass judgment

Definition: form a critical opinion of

Usage: I cannot judge some works of modern art; How do you evaluate this grant proposal? We shouldn't pass judgment on other people

Synonyms: range

Definition: let eat

Usage: range the animals in the prairie

Similar words: feed, give

Definition: give food to

Usage: Feed the starving children in India; don't give the child this tough meat

Synonyms: array, range, set out, lay out

Definition: lay out orderly or logically in a line or as if in a line

Usage: lay out the clothes; lay out the arguments

Similar words: set up, arrange

Definition: put into a proper or systematic order

Usage: arrange the books on the shelves in chronological order

Synonyms: range, crop, browse, pasture, graze

Definition: feed as in a meadow or pasture

Usage: the herd was grazing

Similar words: feed, eat

Definition: take in food; used of animals only

Usage: This dog doesn't eat certain kinds of meat; What do whales eat?

Synonyms: tramp, swan, stray, drift, cast, roam, ramble, range, vagabond, wander, roll, rove

Definition: move about aimlessly or without any destination, often in search of food or employment

Usage: The gypsies roamed the woods; roving vagabonds; the wandering Jew; The cattle roam across the prairie; the laborers drift from one town to the next; They rolled from town to town

Similar words: go, locomote, travel, move

Definition: change location; move, travel, or proceed, also metaphorically

Usage: How fast does your new car go?; We travelled from Rome to Naples by bus; The policemen went from door to door looking for the suspect; The soldiers moved towards the city in an attempt to take it before night fell; news travelled fast

Synonyms: range, straddle

Definition: range or extend over; occupy a certain area

Usage: The plants straddle the entire state

Similar words: comprise, make up, be, represent, constitute

Definition: form or compose

Usage: This money is my only income; The stone wall was the backdrop for the performance; These constitute my entire belonging; The children made up the chorus; This sum represents my entire income for a year; These few men comprise his entire army

Synonyms: run, range

Definition: change or be different within limits

Usage: Estimates for the losses in the earthquake range as high as $2 billion; Interest rates run from 5 to 10 percent; The instruments ranged from tuba to cymbals; My students range from very bright to dull

Similar words: be

Definition: have the quality of being; (copula, used with an adjective or a predicate noun)

Usage: John is rich; This is not a good answer

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