Synonyms for ponderous

Synonyms for (adj) ponderous

Synonyms: ponderous

Definition: having great mass and weight and unwieldiness

Usage: a ponderous stone; a ponderous burden; ponderous weapons

Similar words: heavy

Definition: of comparatively great physical weight or density

Usage: a heavy load; lead is a heavy metal; heavy mahogany furniture

Synonyms: heavy, ponderous, lumbering

Definition: slow and laborious because of weight

Usage: the heavy tread of tired troops; moved with a lumbering sag-bellied trot; ponderous prehistoric beasts; a ponderous yawn

Similar words: heavy-footed

Definition: (of movement) lacking ease or lightness

Usage: his tired heavy-footed walk

Synonyms: ponderous

Definition: labored and dull

Usage: a ponderous speech

Similar words: uninteresting

Definition: arousing no interest or attention or curiosity or excitement

Usage: a very uninteresting account of her trip

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