Synonyms for pointed

Synonyms for (adj) pointed

Synonyms: pointed

Definition: direct and obvious in meaning or reference; often unpleasant

Usage: a pointed critique; a pointed allusion to what was going on; another pointed look in their direction

Similar words: direct

Definition: straightforward in means or manner or behavior or language or action

Usage: a direct question; a direct response; a direct approach

Synonyms: pointed

Definition: having a point

Similar words: acanthoid, acanthous, spinous

Definition: shaped like a spine or thorn

Similar words: sharp, needlelike, acuate, acute

Definition: ending in a sharp point

Similar words: barreled, barrelled

Definition: (of an arrow) tapered toward both ends

Similar words: bristle-pointed

Definition: pointed like bristles

Similar words: five-pointed

Definition: having five points

Similar words: fusiform, spindle-shaped, cigar-shaped

Definition: tapering at each end

Similar words: nibbed

Definition: (used of pens) having a writing point or nib especially of a certain kind

Usage: a broad-nibbed pen

Similar words: peaked

Definition: having or rising to a peak

Usage: the peaked ceiling; the island's peaked hills

Similar words: pyramidal, pyramidic, pyramidical

Definition: resembling a pyramid

Similar words: sharpened

Definition: having the point made sharp

Usage: a sharpened pencil

Similar words: six-pointed

Definition: having six points

Similar words: spiked

Definition: having a long sharp point

Similar words: spikelike

Definition: resembling a spike

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