Synonyms for person

Synonyms for (noun) person

Synonyms: somebody, someone, soul, mortal, person, individual

Definition: a human being

Usage: there was too much for one person to do

Similar words: organism, being

Definition: a living thing that has (or can develop) the ability to act or function independently

Similar words: causal agency, causal agent, cause

Definition: any entity that produces an effect or is responsible for events or results

Synonyms: person

Definition: a human body (usually including the clothing)

Usage: a weapon was hidden on his person

Similar words: material body, physical body, physique, human body, soma, shape, anatomy, bod, build, chassis, figure, flesh, form, frame

Definition: alternative names for the body of a human being

Usage: Leonardo studied the human body; he has a strong physique; the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak

Synonyms: person

Definition: a grammatical category used in the classification of pronouns, possessive determiners, and verb forms according to whether they indicate the speaker, the addressee, or a third party

Usage: stop talking about yourself in the third person

Similar words: grammatical category, syntactic category

Definition: (grammar) a category of words having the same grammatical properties

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