Synonyms for neuter

Synonyms for (noun) neuter

Synonyms: neuter

Definition: a gender that refers chiefly (but not exclusively) to inanimate objects (neither masculine nor feminine)

Similar words: gender, grammatical gender

Definition: a grammatical category in inflected languages governing the agreement between nouns and pronouns and adjectives; in some languages it is quite arbitrary but in Indo-European languages it is usually based on sex or animateness

Synonyms for (verb) neuter

Synonyms: castrate, alter, spay, neuter

Definition: remove the ovaries of

Usage: Is your cat spayed?

Similar words: unsex, fix, sterilise, sterilize, desex, desexualise, desexualize

Definition: make infertile

Usage: in some countries, people with genetically transmissible disabilites are sterilized

Synonyms for (adj) neuter

Synonyms: neuter, sexless

Definition: having no or imperfectly developed or nonfunctional sex organs

Similar words: nonsexual, asexual

Definition: not having or involving sex

Usage: an asexual spore; asexual reproduction

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