Synonyms for munition

Synonyms for (noun) munition

Synonyms: fortification, munition

Definition: defensive structure consisting of walls or mounds built around a stronghold to strengthen it

Similar words: defence, defense, defensive structure

Definition: a structure used to defend against attack

Usage: the artillery battered down the defenses

Synonyms: munition, ordnance, ordnance store

Definition: military supplies

Similar words: armament

Definition: weaponry used by military or naval force

Synonyms: weaponry, weapons system, implements of war, arms, munition

Definition: weapons considered collectively

Similar words: instrumentality, instrumentation

Definition: an artifact (or system of artifacts) that is instrumental in accomplishing some end

Synonyms for (verb) munition

Synonyms: munition

Definition: supply with weapons

Similar words: arm

Definition: supply with arms

Usage: The U.S. armed the freedom fighters in Afghanistan

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