Synonyms for mock

Synonyms for (noun) mock

Synonyms: mock

Definition: the act of mocking or ridiculing

Usage: they made a mock of him

Similar words: derision, ridicule

Definition: the act of deriding or treating with contempt

Synonyms for (verb) mock

Synonyms: mock, bemock

Definition: treat with contempt

Usage: The new constitution mocks all democratic principles

Similar words: do by, treat, handle

Definition: interact in a certain way

Usage: Do right by her; Treat him with caution, please; Handle the press reporters gently

Synonyms: mock

Definition: imitate with mockery and derision

Usage: The children mocked their handicapped classmate

Similar words: copy, simulate, imitate

Definition: reproduce someone's behavior or looks

Usage: The mime imitated the passers-by; Children often copy their parents or older siblings

Synonyms for (adj) mock

Synonyms: mock

Definition: constituting a copy or imitation of something

Usage: boys in mock battle

Similar words: imitative, counterfeit

Definition: not genuine; imitating something superior

Usage: counterfeit emotion; counterfeit money; counterfeit works of art; a counterfeit prince

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