Synonyms for incoming

Synonyms for (noun) incoming

Synonyms: entering, entrance, entry, ingress, incoming

Definition: the act of entering

Usage: she made a grand entrance

Similar words: arrival

Definition: the act of arriving at a certain place

Usage: they awaited her arrival

Synonyms for (adj) incoming

Synonyms: incoming

Definition: arriving at a place or position

Usage: incoming class; incoming mail

Similar words: inbound, inward

Definition: directed or moving inward or toward a center

Usage: the inbound train; inward flood of capital

Similar words: designate

Definition: appointed but not yet installed in office

Similar words: elect

Definition: elected but not yet installed in office

Usage: the president elect

Similar words: succeeding, future, next

Definition: (of elected officers) elected but not yet serving

Usage: our next president

Similar words: in

Definition: directed or bound inward

Usage: took the in bus; the in basket

Similar words: inflowing, influent

Definition: flowing inward

Similar words: inpouring

Definition: pouring inward

Usage: inpouring throngs of immigrants

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