Synonyms for hold out

Synonyms for (verb) hold out

Synonyms: stretch forth, stretch out, hold out, exsert, extend, put out

Definition: thrust or extend out

Usage: He held out his hand; point a finger; extend a hand; the bee exserted its sting

Similar words: gesticulate, gesture, motion

Definition: show, express or direct through movement

Usage: He gestured his desire to leave

Synonyms: withstand, stand firm, hold out, resist

Definition: stand up or offer resistance to somebody or something

Similar words: fight, fight back, fight down, oppose, defend

Definition: fight against or resist strongly

Usage: The senator said he would oppose the bill; Don't fight it!

Synonyms: hold out

Definition: wait uncompromisingly for something desirable

Usage: He held out for the dessert and did not touch the cheeses

Similar words: hold back, hold off, wait

Definition: wait before acting

Usage: the scientists held off announcing their results until they repeated the experiment

Synonyms: endure, hold out, wear

Definition: last and be usable

Usage: This dress wore well for almost ten years

Similar words: last, endure

Definition: persist for a specified period of time

Usage: The bad weather lasted for three days

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