Synonyms for dwarf

Synonyms for (noun) dwarf

Synonyms: dwarf

Definition: a plant or animal that is atypically small

Similar words: organism, being

Definition: a living thing that has (or can develop) the ability to act or function independently

Synonyms: dwarf, gnome

Definition: a legendary creature resembling a tiny old man; lives in the depths of the earth and guards buried treasure

Similar words: faerie, faery, fairy, fay, sprite

Definition: a small being, human in form, playful and having magical powers

Synonyms: dwarf, midget, nanus

Definition: a person who is markedly small

Similar words: small person

Definition: a person of below average size

Synonyms for (verb) dwarf

Synonyms: dwarf

Definition: check the growth of

Usage: the lack of sunlight dwarfed these pines

Similar words: stunt

Definition: check the growth or development of

Usage: You will stunt your growth by building all these muscles

Synonyms: dwarf, shadow, overshadow

Definition: make appear small by comparison

Usage: This year's debt dwarfs that of last year

Similar words: dominate, overlook, overtop, command

Definition: look down on

Usage: The villa dominates the town

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