Synonyms for dispose

Synonyms for (verb) dispose

Synonyms: qualify, dispose

Definition: make fit or prepared

Usage: Your education qualifies you for this job

Similar words: train, prepare, groom

Definition: educate for a future role or function

Usage: He is grooming his son to become his successor; The prince was prepared to become King one day; They trained him to be a warrior

Synonyms: dispose, incline

Definition: make receptive or willing towards an action or attitude or belief

Usage: Their language inclines us to believe them

Similar words: influence, determine, regulate, mold, shape

Definition: shape or influence; give direction to

Usage: experience often determines ability; mold public opinion

Synonyms: dispose

Definition: place or put in a particular order

Usage: the dots are unevenly disposed

Similar words: put, place, pose, position, set, lay

Definition: put into a certain place or abstract location

Usage: Put your things here; Set the tray down; Set the dogs on the scent of the missing children; Place emphasis on a certain point

Synonyms: discard, dispose, toss, toss away, toss out, throw away, throw out, fling, put away, cast aside, cast away, cast out, chuck out

Definition: throw or cast away

Usage: Put away your worries

Similar words: get rid of, remove

Definition: dispose of

Usage: Get rid of these old shoes!; The company got rid of all the dead wood

Synonyms: dispose

Definition: give, sell, or transfer to another

Usage: She disposed of her parents' possessions

Similar words: sell

Definition: exchange or deliver for money or its equivalent

Usage: He sold his house in January; She sells her body to survive and support her drug habit

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