Synonyms for definite

Synonyms for (adj) definite

Synonyms: definite

Definition: known for certain

Usage: it is definite that they have won

Similar words: certain

Definition: established beyond doubt or question; definitely known

Usage: what is certain is that every effect must have a cause; it is certain that they were on the bus; his fate is certain; the date for the invasion is certain

Synonyms: definite

Definition: precise; explicit and clearly defined

Usage: I want a definite answer; a definite statement of the terms of the will; a definite amount; definite restrictions on the sale of alcohol; the wedding date is now definite; a definite drop in attendance

Similar words: certain

Definition: definite but not specified or identified

Usage: set aside a certain sum each week; to a certain degree; certain breeds do not make good pets; certain members have not paid their dues; a certain popular teacher; a certain Mrs. Jones

Similar words: decisive

Definition: unmistakable

Usage: had a decisive lead in the polls

Similar words: decided, distinct

Definition: recognizable; marked

Usage: noticed a distinct improvement; at a distinct (or decided) disadvantage

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