Synonyms for crossing

Synonyms for (noun) crossing

Synonyms: crossing

Definition: traveling across

Similar words: travel, traveling, travelling

Definition: the act of going from one place to another

Usage: he enjoyed selling but he hated the travel

Synonyms: crossing

Definition: a voyage across a body of water (usually across the Atlantic Ocean)

Similar words: voyage

Definition: a journey to some distant place

Synonyms: interbreeding, hybridisation, hybridization, hybridizing, cross, crossbreeding, crossing

Definition: (genetics) the act of mixing different species or varieties of animals or plants and thus to produce hybrids

Similar words: conjugation, coupling, union, sexual union, mating, pairing

Definition: the act of pairing a male and female for reproductive purposes

Usage: the casual couplings of adolescents; the mating of some species occurs only in the spring

Synonyms: crossing, crossover, crosswalk

Definition: a path (often marked) where something (as a street or railroad) can be crossed to get from one side to the other

Similar words: path

Definition: a way especially designed for a particular use

Synonyms: intersection, crossing, crossroad, crossway, carrefour

Definition: a junction where one street or road crosses another

Similar words: junction

Definition: the place where two or more things come together

Synonyms: crossing

Definition: a point where two lines (paths or arcs etc.) intersect

Similar words: point

Definition: the precise location of something; a spatially limited location

Usage: she walked to a point where she could survey the whole street

Synonyms: ford, crossing

Definition: a shallow area in a stream that can be forded

Similar words: body of water, water

Definition: the part of the earth's surface covered with water (such as a river or lake or ocean)

Usage: they invaded our territorial waters; they were sitting by the water's edge

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