Synonyms for contraction

Synonyms for (noun) contraction

Synonyms: contraction

Definition: the act of decreasing (something) in size or volume or quantity or scope

Similar words: decrease, diminution, reduction, step-down

Definition: the act of decreasing or reducing something

Synonyms: muscle contraction, muscular contraction, contraction

Definition: (physiology) a shortening or tensing of a part or organ (especially of a muscle or muscle fiber)

Similar words: shortening

Definition: act of decreasing in length

Usage: the dress needs shortening

Synonyms: contraction

Definition: a word formed from two or more words by omitting or combining some sounds

Usage: `won't' is a contraction of `will not'; `o'clock' is a contraction of `of the clock'

Similar words: word

Definition: a unit of language that native speakers can identify

Usage: words are the blocks from which sentences are made; he hardly said ten words all morning

Synonyms: compression, condensation, contraction

Definition: the process or result of becoming smaller or pressed together

Usage: the contraction of a gas on cooling

Similar words: shrinkage, shrinking

Definition: process or result of becoming less or smaller

Usage: the material lost 2 inches per yard in shrinkage

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