Synonyms for continuation

Synonyms for (noun) continuation

Synonyms: continuance, continuation

Definition: the act of continuing an activity without interruption

Similar words: activity

Definition: any specific behavior

Usage: they avoided all recreational activity

Synonyms: lengthiness, continuation, prolongation, protraction

Definition: the consequence of being lengthened in duration

Similar words: length, duration

Definition: continuance in time

Usage: the ceremony was of short duration; he complained about the length of time required

Synonyms: continuation, law of continuation, good continuation

Definition: a Gestalt principle of organization holding that there is an innate tendency to perceive a line as continuing its established direction

Similar words: Gestalt law of organization, Gestalt principle of organization

Definition: a principle of Gestalt psychology that identifies factors leading to particular forms of perceptual organization

Synonyms: sequel, continuation

Definition: a part added to a book or play that continues and extends it

Similar words: addendum, postscript, supplement

Definition: textual matter that is added onto a publication; usually at the end

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