Synonyms for compose

Synonyms for (verb) compose

Synonyms: compose, frame, draw up

Definition: make up plans or basic details for

Usage: frame a policy

Similar words: plan

Definition: make plans for something

Usage: He is planning a trip with his family

Synonyms: compile, compose

Definition: put together out of existing material

Usage: compile a list

Similar words: make

Definition: make by shaping or bringing together constituents

Usage: make a dress; make a cake; make a wall of stones

Synonyms: compose, write, indite, pen

Definition: produce a literary work

Usage: She composed a poem; He wrote four novels

Similar words: create verbally

Definition: create with or from words

Synonyms: compose, write

Definition: write music

Usage: Beethoven composed nine symphonies

Similar words: make, create

Definition: make or cause to be or to become

Usage: make a mess in one's office; create a furor

Synonyms: compose

Definition: calm (someone, especially oneself); make quiet

Usage: She had to compose herself before she could reply to this terrible insult

Similar words: still, tranquilize, tranquillise, tranquillize, calm, calm down, lull, quiet, quieten

Definition: make calm or still

Usage: quiet the dragons of worry and fear

Synonyms: compose

Definition: form the substance of

Usage: Greed and ambition composed his personality

Similar words: comprise, make up, be, represent, constitute

Definition: form or compose

Usage: This money is my only income; The stone wall was the backdrop for the performance; These constitute my entire belonging; The children made up the chorus; This sum represents my entire income for a year; These few men comprise his entire army

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