Synonyms for (adjective) clogged

Synonyms: clogged

Definition: loaded with something that hinders motion

Usage: The wings of birds were clogged with ice and snow-Dryden

Similar words: encumbered

Definition: loaded to excess or impeded by a heavy load

Usage: a summer resort...encumbered with great clapboard-and-stucco hotels- A.J.Liebling; a hiker encumbered with a heavy backpack; an encumbered estate

Synonyms: clogged, choked

Definition: stopped up; clogged up

Usage: clogged pipes; clogged up freeways; streets choked with traffic

Similar words: obstructed

Definition: shut off to passage or view or hindered from action

Usage: a partially obstructed passageway; an obstructed view; justice obstructed is not justice

Synonyms: clogged, clotted

Definition: thickened or coalesced in soft thick lumps (such as clogs or clots)

Usage: clotted blood; seeds clogged together

Similar words: thick

Definition: relatively dense in consistency

Usage: thick cream; thick soup; thick smoke; thick fog