Synonyms for (adjective) centrifugal

Synonyms: centrifugal

Definition: tending to move away from a center

Usage: centrifugal force

Similar words: outward-developing

Definition: away from an axis, as in a flower cluster in which the oldest flowers are in the center, the youngest near the edge

Similar words: outward-moving

Definition: moving or directed away from center, especially when spinning or traveling in a curve

Synonyms: motor, centrifugal

Definition: conveying information to the muscles from the CNS

Usage: motor nerves

Similar words: efferent, motorial

Definition: of nerves and nerve impulses; conveying information away from the CNS

Usage: efferent nerves and impulses

Synonyms: centrifugal

Definition: tending away from centralization, as of authority

Usage: the division of Europe into warring blocs produces ever-increasing centrifugal stress

Similar words: decentralising, decentralizing

Definition: tending away from a central point