Synonyms for causative

Synonyms for (adj) causative

Synonyms: causative

Definition: producing an effect

Usage: poverty as a causative factor in crime

Similar words: abortifacient

Definition: causing abortion

Similar words: activating, actuating

Definition: causing motion or action or change

Similar words: anorectic, anorexigenic

Definition: causing loss of appetite

Usage: an anorectic (or anorexigenic) drug

Similar words: causal

Definition: involving or constituting a cause; causing

Usage: a causal relationship between scarcity and higher prices

Similar words: conducive, contributing, contributive, contributory, tributary

Definition: tending to bring about; being partly responsible for

Usage: working conditions are not conducive to productivity; the seaport was a contributing factor in the growth of the city; a contributory factor

Similar words: errhine

Definition: causing nasal discharge

Similar words: fast

Definition: (of a photographic lens or emulsion) causing a shortening of exposure time

Usage: a fast lens

Similar words: inducive, inductive

Definition: inducing or influencing; leading on

Usage: inductive to the sin of Eve- John Milton

Similar words: motivating, motivative, motive

Definition: impelling to action

Usage: it may well be that ethical language has primarily a motivative function- Arthur Pap; motive pleas; motivating arguments

Similar words: motive, motor

Definition: causing or able to cause motion

Usage: a motive force; motive power; motor energy

Similar words: precipitating

Definition: bringing on suddenly or abruptly

Usage: the completion of the railroad was the precipitating cause in the extinction of waterborne commerce

Similar words: responsible, responsible for

Definition: being the agent or cause

Usage: determined who was the responsible party; termites were responsible for the damage

Similar words: sternutative, sternutatory

Definition: causing sneezing

Usage: pepper is a sternutatory substance

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