Synonyms for careful

Synonyms for (adj) careful

Synonyms: careful

Definition: exercising caution or showing care or attention

Usage: they were careful when crossing the busy street; be careful to keep her shoes clean; did very careful research; careful art restorers; careful of the rights of others; careful about one's behavior

Similar words: blow-by-blow

Definition: providing great detail

Usage: a blow-by-blow account of the movie

Similar words: certain, sure

Definition: exercising or taking care great enough to bring assurance

Usage: be certain to disconnect the iron when you are through; be sure to lock the doors

Similar words: close

Definition: rigorously attentive; strict and thorough

Usage: close supervision; paid close attention; a close study; kept a close watch on expenditures

Similar words: scrupulous, painstaking, conscientious

Definition: characterized by extreme care and great effort

Usage: conscientious application to the work at hand; painstaking research; scrupulous attention to details

Similar words: detailed, elaborate, elaborated

Definition: developed or executed with care and in minute detail

Usage: a detailed plan; the elaborate register of the inhabitants prevented tax evasion- John Buchan; the carefully elaborated theme

Similar words: minute, narrow

Definition: characterized by painstaking care and detailed examination

Usage: a minute inspection of the grounds; a narrow scrutiny; an exact and minute report

Similar words: overcareful, too-careful

Definition: excessively or unduly careful

Similar words: particular

Definition: providing specific details or circumstances

Usage: a particular description of the room

Similar words: protective

Definition: (usually followed by `of') solicitously caring or mindful

Usage: protective of his reputation

Similar words: studious

Definition: marked by care and effort

Usage: made a studious attempt to fix the television set

Similar words: thorough

Definition: painstakingly careful and accurate

Usage: our accountant is thorough; thorough research

Synonyms: deliberate, measured, careful

Definition: unhurried and with care and dignity

Usage: walking at the same measured pace; with all deliberate speed

Similar words: unhurried

Definition: relaxed and leisurely; without hurry or haste

Usage: people strolling about in an unhurried way; an unhurried walk; spoke in a calm and unhurried voice

Synonyms: thrifty, careful

Definition: mindful of the future in spending money

Usage: careful with money

Similar words: provident

Definition: providing carefully for the future

Usage: wild squirrels are provident; a provident father plans for his children's education

Synonyms: heedful, careful

Definition: cautiously attentive

Usage: careful of her feelings; heedful of his father's advice

Similar words: mindful, aware

Definition: bearing in mind; attentive to

Usage: ever mindful of her health; mindful of his responsibilities; mindful of these criticisms, I shall attempt to justify my action

Synonyms: careful

Definition: full of cares or anxiety

Usage: Thou art careful and troubled about many things-Luke 10.41

Similar words: troubled

Definition: characterized by or indicative of distress or affliction or danger or need

Usage: troubled areas; fell into a troubled sleep; a troubled expression; troubled teenagers

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