Synonyms for call up

Synonyms for (noun) call up

Synonyms: call up

Definition: an order to report for military duty

Similar words: summons

Definition: an order to appear in person at a given place and time

Synonyms for (verb) call up

Synonyms: ring, phone, call, call up, telephone

Definition: get or try to get into communication (with someone) by telephone

Usage: I tried to call you all night; Take two aspirin and call me in the morning

Similar words: telecommunicate

Definition: communicate over long distances, as via the telephone or e-mail

Synonyms: bring forward, call up

Definition: bring forward for consideration

Usage: The case was called up in court

Similar words: raise

Definition: cause to be heard or known; express or utter

Usage: raise a shout; raise a protest; raise a sad cry

Synonyms: rally, call up, mobilise, mobilize

Definition: call to arms; of military personnel

Similar words: call, send for

Definition: order, request, or command to come

Usage: She was called into the director's office; Call the police!

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