Synonyms for burnt-out

Synonyms for (adj) burnt-out

Synonyms: burned, burned-out, burned-over, burnt, burnt-out

Definition: destroyed or badly damaged by fire

Usage: a row of burned houses; a charred bit of burnt wood; a burned-over site in the forest; barricaded the street with burnt-out cars

Similar words: destroyed

Definition: spoiled or ruined or demolished

Usage: war left many cities destroyed; Alzheimer's is responsible for her destroyed mind

Synonyms: burned-out, burnt-out

Definition: inoperative as a result of heat or friction

Usage: a burned-out picture tube

Similar words: unserviceable

Definition: not ready for service

Usage: unserviceable equipment may be replaced

Synonyms: burned-out, burnt-out

Definition: exhausted as a result of longtime stress

Usage: she was burned-out before she was 30

Similar words: tired

Definition: depleted of strength or energy

Usage: tired mothers with crying babies; too tired to eat

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