Synonyms for adult

Synonyms for (noun) adult

Synonyms: adult

Definition: any mature animal

Similar words: animal, animate being, beast, fauna, brute, creature

Definition: a living organism characterized by voluntary movement

Synonyms: adult, grownup

Definition: a fully developed person from maturity onward

Similar words: somebody, someone, soul, mortal, person, individual

Definition: a human being

Usage: there was too much for one person to do

Synonyms for (adj) adult

Synonyms: grown, grownup, full-grown, fully grown, big, adult

Definition: (of animals) fully developed

Usage: an adult animal; a grown woman

Similar words: mature

Definition: having reached full natural growth or development

Usage: a mature cell

Synonyms: pornographic, adult

Definition: designed to arouse lust

Usage: pornographic films and magazines; adult movies

Similar words: sexy

Definition: marked by or tending to arouse sexual desire or interest

Usage: feeling sexy; sexy clothes; sexy poses; a sexy book; sexy jokes

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